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>> kennedy, stossel, when? >> thursday night 9:00 on the fox business network california versus texas i went
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-- i was in san bernadino and was the acting mayor. >> i am out of time. >> jedediah, congrats on fnc. bill schulz, joe devito, kennedy that's it for me. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> there will be pundits and politicians and central interest lobbists publicly warning of a tyrannical all out assault on liberty. >> bill: president obama changing america's gun landscape. is it constitutional? is it the right thing to do? and will it protect the folks? we will answer all those questions and senator marco rubio will weigh in. >> i have never doped. >> that's crazy. i would never do that. that's. no. >> the fallout continues over lance armstrong admitting is he a liar and a doper. he has huge legal problems now. and he also has a problem with dennis miller that could be his worst nightmare. >> every time he opens his mouth, i shake my head so
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rapidly you can blend paint colors in my mouth. >> i agree with you. i am on your side for this [inaudible] not invitation somebody with a gun. >> bill: an it at this gun zealots ambushed and asked a simple question. would they put a gun free home sign in front of their house. >> well yeah the only problem is you can't put it up. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor continues right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. guns and the federal government that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. because i am a simple man, i'm going to frame a very complex issue in the clearest way possible. we'll take it step-by-step. first, gun control will not stop, will not stop crazy people from committing murder.
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there are more than 300 million guns in the u.s.a. right now. so thugs are going to get them. also, the government has an obligation to protect americans with laws that do not harm law abiding citizens. that means that any new gun laws must allow we, the people, to protect ourselves as the founding fathers mandated. talking points has no problem with background checks. or with gun registration. after all, we register our cars. but these things should be decided by the individual states, not the federal government. if the state like new york wants to ban assault rifles, fine. but wyoming may not want to do that. and the feds should respect the states' rights. what president obama can do is make all gun crimes federal crimes. congress can forbid individuals from crossing state lines with certain types of weapons. bank robbery is a federal crime. so is some drug dealing. why not put gun felonies in
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that category? let's take a look at chicago which has banned handguns. more people were murdered by guns in chicago in 2012 last year than were killed among coalition forces in afghanistan. obviously the gun ban in coshocton doesn't work. do we all get that? what would work is a 10-year mandatory federal prison term for anyone convicted of any gun crime in the windy city or anywhere else in america. rob a seven blefn a gun. 10 years in the federal pen. illegally possess a gun, staple deal. 10 years. that's how you keep guns off the street. don't believe me? take a look how drastically the crime rate has fallen in the u.s.a. over the past decade. nationwide, violent crime down 23%. why? because of strict mandatory
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prison terms for chronic criminals. if you read the late james wilson, the nation's smartest criminologist, you will see that punishing violent criminals harshly is the key to public safety. so let's recap again in a very simple way. banning guns doesn't work. but limiting heavy weapons like assault rifles should be considered by the individual states. background checks on gun buyers should be mandatory. so should gun registration. but the situation will not get any better in chicago or anywhere else until gun crimes are federalized. by the way, new york state did pass a tough new gun law yesterday and it forbids publishing the names of legal gun owners if they object. take that, the journal of news in west chester county. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight.
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president obama will ask congress to quote ban military style weapons. also he he will sign a number of executive orders about things like sharing data and research. president anticipates opposition. >> there will be pundits and politicians and special interest lobbyists publicly warning of tyrannical all out assault on liberty not because that's true but, because they want to gin up fear or higher ratings or revenue for themselves. and behind the scenes they dual everything they can to block any common sense reform and make sure nothing changes whatsoever. >> bill: with us now senator marco rubio of florida. where is the president going wrong, congressman? >> first of all, thank you for having me on tonight on this important issue. let's remember what the imimpetus for all of this was was the connecticut strategy all of us are sad about and never want to see again.
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the white house would do nothing have prevented in colorado before that or any of these other places where this has occurred. the issue america faces is not guns. it's violence. the fundamental question is is what is happening in our culture and in our society that's leading to people committing these across cities whether it's mental illness or some other violent propensities that have come into our culture and our society. what the president is proposing is problematic for a couple of reasons. it doesn't work. for many of the reasons you have outlined in the talking point memo tonight. these ideas don't work. it's not chicago. washington, d.c. had a very similar gun ban. it didn't work. violent crime and murder and all these things skyrocketed in washington during the time of those bans. i'm a conceal weapons permit in florida. background check and finger fingerprinted and gun safety course. more people should get those. >> you divent object to any of that. register the gun and background check on you i think that's good. >> law in florida. also in florida we have something called 10/20/life.
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if crime is commit and possession of a gun it's a mandatory 10 years. if you pull out that gun it's mandatory 20 years. if you use that gun you are away for life. even the first time you commit that what's happened is that these criminals that use guns are in jail. they are not out there committing crimes. >> bill: my talking points memo based on your experience is you don't disagree with it. >> that's right. >> bill: we have some common ground here. you and me anyway. and i'm hoping that the folks as well. we want public safety to be paramount. we understand that any gun ban isn't going to work and it's proven all over the place. and we want to respect the constitution. so how can we get president obama on board with this. the only thing that he really did today that i don't think is he going to get through is the assault ban weapon. all right? now, i say leave it to the states. new york ban assault weapons all right yesterday. so you can't have them here. you know, i understand both sides of that story. but am i going to move to florida? because of the assault ban? no, i'm not. i'm going to stay in new york.
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but i don't want that to be nationwide. i want each state because there are different situations in each state. >> first of all look at the end of the day it should belong to the state to make those decisions. i would disagree with that decision. we live in florida nor is there a movement to do that here is the fundamental problem. we are all outraged by these things. no one wants to see something like this happen again. the only people who follow the law are people who follow the law. criminals don't care what the law is. they ignore the law. that's why they are criminals. >> bill: but to be fair to the other side, the antigun zealots, they just want to make it harder to get guns. that's what they accomplish. >> yeah. >> bill: but with 300 million on the street already, and then, you know a border that allows the federal government to send guns to mexico, which is really ironic, it's not going to stop. so, do you think the final question is, is president obama demagoguing this issue? is he demagoguing it because he sees public opinion going in his area? >> let me let new on a secret
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the president is is a liberal. >> bill: is is that the secret? [ laughter ] >> he sees this as an opportunity to get some of these things done. you talk about keeping us safe. if someone decides i need a gun to commit crimes. they are not going to go to the local gun store and buy the gun. they will buy it from the black market. >> bill: they might. there is a lot of criminals in new york drive down to virginia and stock up on guns and bring them back, which is why you could make that against federal law crossing state laws with certain types of weapons and i wouldn't object to that. the bottom line is, again, do you think the president is demagoguing the issue? does he he know what we have discussed here? gun bans don't work. states rights should be paramount. folks have a right to protect themselves. >> this is what he has done his entire political career. he sees an opportunity to do it. utilize every rhetorical device to get to that point. >> bill: does he really think that banning assault weapons will stop mass murder. >> i think he believes that. not only does he believe that he he believes in this and he thinks this is a huge bone.
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>> bill: not a hypocrite phony. >> i actually think the president doesn't have the guts to admit it is not a believer in the second amendment although he state that he is. that's what i'm saying. the second amendment is in the constitution. i didn't write the constitution. neither did you neither did he. if he wants to reform the second amendment then have the guts to admit that. >> bill: we're going to it hold senator rubio over because we want to talk a little immigration with hill. what about president obama's new demeanor? i see a change. we will see if the senator does. later, dennis miller on lance armstrong and that could get
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>> bill: continuing with now senator marco rubio with headline immigration. >> we need immigration. sovereign country to enforce those laws. we have a problem. number one legal immigration system is antiquated and needs tore modernized for farm workers. we can't have 6.5% of the
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people immigrate here unskilled and untalented. we need to that up number. we have to have more skill based immigration. the second thing we have to do is reinforcement that includes improving the infrastructure at the border and getting operational control of the border. work place enforce: e verify or something else that works. tracking people when they come in the country and leave as visitors. 40% of our illegal immigration are visa overstayers. >> bill: all of that with the technology we have should be doable. the real elephant in the room -- >> -- sure. >> bill: all right? are the 12 million illegal aliens are already here. what do you do. >> i don't like that either. i wish we didn't have 8 or 12 million people here undocumented but we have to deal with it in a that's compassionate but also responsible. here is how i would deal with it if you commit a serious crime you are deported and no one would disagree with that if you haven't come forward and be fingerprinted and background check for national security and crimes. you have to pay back taxes and fines. you have to have been here for
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a significant period of time. know english and be assimilated. if you do all of those things what you get is a work permit basically a legal status, not a green card to allow you to be in this country legally and to work. >> bill: get a driver's license, insurance. >> you will be legally here. basic a nonpermanent vista. >> bill: on social security? >> under that status no one qualifies for any federal benefits. >> bill: all you get is the right to work. the right to have a driver's license, the right to stay here. >> that's the first part of it you have to be in that category for a significant period of time. when a significant period of time has elapsed you haven't violated any of those conditions, and, in fact, the border has been secured, thework place mechanism is in place all of that happens that would trigger a second phase. that second phase is this. all you would get at that point is the opportunity to apply for the existing legal immigration system. >> bill: but you could still be here to do it? >> while you are waiting. you would have to get in line behind everyone that applied if before you. qualify for the visa when your term gets up. access to the existing system.
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>> bill: what i'm seeing here is maybe a 7 to 10 year period where an illegal alien gets a chance to make a living. can stay and apply for citizenship but the process. >> you don't apply. they apply for a green card. after you get your green card you have to wait another five years to apply for citizenship which you have to pass the exam and do all the other stuff. >> bill: that seems to be pretty fair. how does that differ with what the president wants? >> i don't know what the president wants. he talks about pathway to citizenship. my problem with that is this and the way you structure it. you can't do that in a way that's unfair to the people that are doing the right way. in essence, i can't go to someone who is trying to come here legally, is waiting in line paid --- >> bill: people here legally. >>ed you should have come illegally it would have been easier. >> bill: you haven't discussed it with the president? >> they have never talked with us about it the truth is the way our republic is designed the congress is supposed to pass law and the president is decide whether to pass it or not.
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>> bill: are you are a leader. shouldn't the president be conferring with leaders in the house and senate. >> be happy to talk to him and explain my principle. >> bill: he hasn't called. >> here is the bottom line. we will work with our colleagues to get something responsible done that's fair but also responsible. we don't want to incentivize people to come here illegally in the future. >> bill: not been very tough on this issue and border security but it's getting better. the stats show it's getting better. i think they have a handle on it now. i like your program. i think it's fair. so, i want you and president obama to get on the phone and get this thing so it doesn't turn into a bloody mess. >> maybe we could come on the show together. >> absolutely. i will give you the whole hour. you guys can come on and we'll sort it out. you know what? i don't know if president obama wants to solve these problems. i think he wants to destroy the republican party, particularly in the eyes of hispanic american voters. he is going to make it as hard to get anything done and demonize you guys. i hope i'm wrong but that's what i'm seeing here is the fiscal business and now with the guns and now with this. >> i hope you are wrong, too. ultimately we have a chance to solve an important issue and do it the right way but i don't think that's their
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attitude. >> bill: do you think i'm wrong? >> i don't know. >> bill: oh, come on. >> i can tell you that i believe that there are people in the democratic party or i should say on the left that would prefer to have immigration as an issue than as a solution. >> bill: does he want them -- >> -- we have to find out. i hope the answer is no. >> bill: would you put in a call to him and see if you can talk to him. i'm sure we will be talking to him soon one way or the other. >> bill: would you let me know. >> you don't think he watches this show. >> bill: he doesn't watch it he is busy. he gets a transcript of it what i would like to do is like your office and you to set up some meeting with him with some republican senator leaders and go over and talk about and it let me know what happens. >> we will do that. >> bill: because transparency is the only way to get it done. fiscal thing done, the immigration thing transparency. if the president of the united states is not going to cooperate with the opposing party we need to report that that's going to be very very very important going forward. because we all want fairness and i think your program is a good one. senator, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> bill: we appreciate you
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taking the time. >> thanks for having me on. >> bill: two people who often disagree with senator rubio will be here. antigun zealots asking them if they will put up gun-free home signs on their own property. fascinating and we will have those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: continuing with lead story president obama trying to change the gun laws in america. joining us from washington two democrats margie owe marrow and kirsten powers. have you been listen to the talking points memo. unbelievably brilliant tonight. i'm sure you know that senator rubio comes across as reasonable as well. i think. am i wrong. >> he came across as reasonable. there are a couple things he got wrong. weighs demagoguing a little bit and it was disappointing. one is that the president doesn't believe in the second amendment. i don't think there is any evidence for that.
1:24 am
the other was going back to the same demagoguery going on when elm congratulation was last brought up making this claim that people are going to get in front of other people when it was made explicit in the kennedy bill that you would have to go to the back of the line. >> bill: okay, but the kennedy/mccain bill is ancient history. we are talking a new vision now obama never said. >> bill: could be amnesty. >> obama never said that working assumption would be we would be something like we had before and they would work from that. >> bill: kirsten, do you object to anything the senator said? anything that he put forth in the guns or the immigration? is there anything n. there that he is doing wrong? >> i think on immigration, it's a starting point and i think that the democrats can work with him. i personally, you know i'm pro-amnesty, of course, i'm going to have issues with what he said. i don't know why do people have to pay fines. >> bill: because they snuck in the country? >> that's ridiculous. i have friends who are of my
1:25 am
generation whose parents are immigrants korean, chinese, italian who don't speak any english. why are we doing this? >> bill: get a translator to tell them they have to pay the fine. we can do that. >> i think they should good it know english why have different standards for these people. >> bill: amnesty do whatever they want citizenship with no penalties or anything like that. not going to happen nor should it. ms. o'mara, first of all, let's take the talking points memo. reasonable, very well articulated memo on how to solve this gun problem. do you disagree with any of that? >> well, you are absolutely right there that should be increased penalties for people who commit gun crimes. i want to present an example of why it makes sense to have more uniformed background checks and more uniformed laws. >> bill: no one disagrees with that. nobody disagrees. background checks all day long. >> it's not either/or. we are talking about all of the above and multiple choice so we can really prevent gun
1:26 am
violence. >> bill: okay, the senator and o'reilly say background checks. you heard him say it. fine. no problem. training registration, fine, fine, fine. where do do you disagree? >> that should be national. not up to the states. >> bill: wipe out the state's rights they have no right if you are in wyoming you have got to do exactly what they do in new york. >> let me give you an example of why it would make sense to have this be national. one, have you states are able to share information and make sure that criminals in one state can't get guns in another state. >> bill: they are going to do that he signed executive border there is sharing of data now across state lines by everybody. so that's solved. >> that's a good goal that some people. >> bill: not a goal it's a reality. margie. >> it's a great action. let me give the example of domestic violence. you take the cases of domestic violence. now, in some -- there is a federal law that prevents some people accused of domestic violence from getting guns there are big gaps.
1:27 am
some states try to make up that gap. some states don't. i think women who are domestic violence victims should be free from having their domestic abuser have guns. that shouldn't be state specific. >> bill: that can be a qualifier for anybody getting a license to have a gun. i don't disagree. basically you ladies are telling me with the exception of powers who wants full amnesty for all illegal alien that's are kind of agreeing with the fascist o'reilly and conservative senator from florida rubio. now, just think about that, ladies. you are not going to be able to go out and have dinner with your friends tonight. they will shun you. you can't be agreeing with us. powers i'm sorry i putter you in a tough spot. >> amnesty to way around. >> amnesty is pretty radically different from what you believe. >> bill: i did point that out. everything else you agree with me. >> what other i haven't said
1:28 am
anything. >> bill: gun stuff. >> i don't agree with you. i think it should be federal. there are 32 states that still have this gun show loophole where you don't have to get a background check. that's what the universal background checks would be closing that loophole. >> bill: crossing the border already signed. >> i support that. >> 50% support a ban on high capacity magazine. >> bill: ladies it, it comes down to this. each state decides what kind of weaponry is legal. the federal government says you can't cross state lines with certain types of guns. that takes it all away. >> we should be presenting the stun dangerous guns from getting into dangerous hands. we should be preventing that before crimes happen rather than after. >> bill: 300 million guns already on the street. you are not going to prevent dangerous guns from getting dangerous hands. you are not. it's not going to happen. 2,300,000,000 guns on the
1:29 am
street. black market. >> give up. >> bill: give them 10 years if anybody does anything. that's how you do it. very interesting. we appreciate you coming on. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. watchdog group confronts antigun zealots asking them if they will put up a gun-free home sign on their property. wait until you see what happened. dennis miller on lance armstrong and foolishness that t the golden globe awards. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up
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work looking into what the president is going to say in his inaugural address. of course, we are always told the president is writing it himself. what i'm told is that we can expect to touch as you might expect on deficits and debt. on immigration and gun control. but he is also going to address our seemingly broken politics. you have to remember the inaugural address is part of a large day of events and the people who are organizing it well placed democrats tell me that they are trying to make sure that one appeared, including the president. no one appears to b the football. they don't want people
1:34 am
watching at home as one democrat said to me to get the idea that oh, he, meaning the president, is having a big party while the rest of us are still mired in a financial crisis, bill. >> bill: yeah. they are even having trouble filling the party. the address is monday night. we will be live on the factor. we have a really good lineup. i have seen a change in the demeanor as i said to senator rubio of president obama. is he a little more in your face than he was before the election. just real quick, rosen, you have seen that change? >> yeah. and i think the nomination of chuck hagel shows it. >> bill: okay. now, cammeron, you have some inside stuff on the gun control battle. go. >> yeah. we're sort of looking past the inaugural into what happens after that the president is going to go right back to the campaign trail. lots of the same sort of pomp and circumstance out with the folks that we saw during the actual election year campaign. it will be about the gun agenda as well as immigration and climate change in the debt ceiling where the gun issue is concerned, we will see rallies and town halls and lots of big gun control type money on tv screens. on the other side of all of this the national rifle association is planning a big
1:35 am
ad blitz on its own. first one on the web started in the last day or so. it busts the president for hypocrisy because is he skeptical about the idea of armed guards in schools while his kids go to a private school here in d.c. by the way the house and the hill both know that the president's proposed ban on semiautomatic rifles is din disingenuous that there are not enough votes in the senate. everybody knows it. >> bill: states should control that issue and the feds can put in a law you can't transport them across state lines. that's what they do. all right. rosen now, clarence thomas, supreme court justice, never speaks. he is like the spinks. he never speaks. there he is, not speaking. we have a picture of him not speaking which is not hard to get because he never speaks. but he did break his silence, rosen, on what? >> kind of, sort of. he spoke three words that were not desirable in the official transcript of an oral argument at the supreme court this week. oral arguments are where the lawyers for the opposing sides of the case get to argue their
1:36 am
case before the nine justices of the supreme court. it always takes place after they have filed written briefs. the justices know very well how the lawyers feel about things. all of the supreme court justices, except clarence thomas are fond of peppers the lawyers are rapid fire questions and interrupting them. clarence thomas has not spoken at an oral argument or posed a question since february of 2006. it's been almost seven years. he interrupted with a kind of a joking aside either by harvard or yale law school. the transcript is not clear on this. and a big to do was made over it as if garbo had finally spoken. privately i happen to know from folks who know the supreme court justice well that clarence thomas regards the questions that the other justices are asking to which they already know the answers as show boating and possibly rude the way they interrupt the lawyers. he has little use for it he he also regards almost all criticism of him, including this criticism of him not speaking, as motivated by his original and unpardonable sin which was to have been a black man who opposes affirmative
1:37 am
action. >> bill: three words that he said were, rosen, do you know what the three words were. >> they were really indisticket something to the effect of well, he didn't and there was a pause and. [ laughter ] but the people who were there saying he was making a joke about harvard or yale law school. >> bill: i heard differently. get me coffee. those are the three words. cammeron, the republican party completely falling apart. they are going to meet now. rove is going to be here tomorrow night. he will tell us at the meeting. i guess this is a meeting to try to get humpty dumpty back together again? what are they doing? >> next week after the inaugural, a couple days after it the republican national committee first big meeting of the year. they know full well if the president could, mr. obama would love to set the g.o.p. gang years. it's important for them to find new ways to try to advance conservatism. instead of playing defense against the obama agenda here in washington. notwithstanding the defeat to mitt romney last year. the wake of last year's election in 24 states literally half the country, republicans now control not only the governor's offices but both majorities of the two
1:38 am
chambers the houses and the senate. it's a big advantage. it's a chance for republicans to play offense at the states. and quietly aggressively next week when they meet in charlotte, north carolina. that's one of the things they are going to be talking about. look to scott walker back in wisconsin from last year as a model. this conference is going to it be a big deal and it's the republican's first attempt to get things in order and move ahead. >> bill: they have to do something because we will be back to the blue moose party because the -- >> -- that's a dated reference. >> i'm sorry. >> so is garb glomplet me and teddy roosevelt on long island we were sculling. when we come right back, it will be miller time. lance armstrong not looking forward to this segment, i can tell you. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. two very hot topics. pinheads at the golden globe awards and lance armstrong admitting is he a doper and a liar. here now with us in new york city the sage of southern california dennis miller. you are in town to see your son to do a little work here. >> see your lovely mug up close. >> bill: lovely mug, everyone, there it is. >> in the green room marco rubio showing me how to play botchy. is that a cuban thing? >> bill: i can't -- after the asian hawaiian thing i can't mention any ethnic groups at all. all right, now, how much time do you need because i will leave the set to tear labs
1:43 am
armstrong apart of. how much time do you need? >> it appears that the only part of the bracelet lance selected was the color. this is [bleep] behavior, man. you know, he is like sort of an in shape al gore it turns out both guys are completely leading disingenuous lives. i have met lance over the years. i have been a fan of lance's. then i started reading articles. macroof being a bad guy and living the secret life. microtake under lings and threaten them if they were going to go off the reservation. i don't like bullies, man. it turns out this cat was a bully. i read an article in men's fitness about him laying the like a bike mechanic. kid can't find work. i don't like that bully behavior. turns out lance armstrong was a bully. to me, i wish this society still shunned people, you know what i mean? we have lost that sort of thing. >> bill: is he through we know that. >> you think? he goes through the oprah atm. >> bill: can he go to oprah
1:44 am
and do the lombado all day long. is he through in the court of public opinion. is he going to be ruined financially because the u.s. post office is going to sue to get their 30 million back. >> they will. >> bill: they can get trouble damages. do you like treble? >> i like when you talk legal. >> bill: treble? and then all the other people like the times of london lost a judgment to him for 500,000. they are going to want it back. the endorsement people fraud and inducement of that. he is going to be in court for the next 10 years. and is he going to be paying all of this stuff. who is going to hire this guy? >> it's donte symbolic retribution that's the circle of hell by phoneys you are done in allegations and lawsuits. >> bill: do you believe in karma. >> sure i do. i won't go mystic and talk to a cow and think it's god. if you bad guy it bites you in the bicycle seat and it got
1:45 am
him. >> bill: some guys that got away with it. essentially right most of them get it in this way. this kind of big collapse of his whole life. >> he says he is going to rat other people which drives me crazy. he is going to be the tour de france champion of ratting other people out for god's sake. >> are you going to watch him on oprah? >> no. i'm. >> bill: i'm not going to watch either. you need a decoder ring to find out where that station is to begin with. where do you go down to net geo medical channel and make a right? >> bill: i don't watch it i will will assign one of our producers who watch it as a christian if he asks for forgiveness you have got to forgive him. >> really? got got to tieden that rule up. have god thing. listen, enough with that don't lean on that. >> you did watch the golden globes, did you not? >> you know, billy, i do not watch live television events where al roker is in
1:46 am
attendance anymore after the regulations the last couple weeks that he is constantly death con 1. did i not watch it with al. i know clinton was honored or came out. he was the father of the year last week. they announced he was the father of the year. i was thinking how do they judge that? >> i think it's by the amount of times that you said who is your daddy over the last couple of years. father of the year. i will not watch the ceremonies this season out of deference to kathryn bigelow. i saw zero dark 30 i don't think it was "the hurt locker." this woman did a great job and for them to black ball her, sometimes you have
1:47 am
she should be one of the five people. i don't like when they do that. >> bill: earlier this week i criticized julianne moore for cheap shooting sarah palin when she won the golden globe for playing sarah palin. i said it would have been magnanimous word of the day magnanimous. i might not appreciate her but appreciate her public service. >> i'm at a weird place here i know julianne and nice people and enjoy their company immensely. palin it's been five years. it's probably time to let go. let's hope this is the end of it with palin. i love julianne, she seems sweet. i have met sarah she seems sweet. i'm in the middle trying not to rule people out of my life on politics. it seems like madness. >> bill: you are. you hang with me. have you got to tell julian i know you are hanging with the as well as. look, o'reilly was upset. he likes you as an actress but
1:48 am
you shouldn't have done that? >> you know what? if i started judging people on politics in this life and i don't,. >> bill: you would be lonely out there. >> listen, do i live on the west coast. she is a lovely dame. i don't get the thing with palin. i was over at palin's during the golden globes. we were have your bring your own varmint pot luck dinner. we got up in the helicopter and blew some and lope up. >> bill: tickets are going crazy for the bolder fresher shows. phoenix february 22nd, l.a. kno-ho-co kia theater march 1st. >> selling? >> you know why our opening act is al roker. [ laughter ] >> washington dar constitution hall april 26th. west bury long island june 1st. see you all there. >> give theme glimpse of you don't bring me flowers. >> let's not do that ♪ you don't bring me flowers. [ laughter ]
1:49 am
>> bill: can we have security from l.a.? few little pops before jonathan winters. all right. i have got to do this, miller. shut up. [ laughter ] in addition we have a brand new bill o' poll question are you ready to forgive lance armstrong miller has voted no. >> no. >> bill: we want to hear what you have to say. did you see that on deck. a group con fronz antigun zealots with a provocative sign. this is a gun-free home. right back with that report.
1:50 am
1:51 am
1:52 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? a project called project truth roams aren't the country filming people they feel is not conserving the public they
1:53 am
recently went to antigun zealots asking them if they would put a sign on their property that says gun-free home. >> are you the same one that's on tv? >> yes. >> what is the chance we can get something on the door i notice like a glass door in the front something that just says, you know, this building gun free or something like that? >> um, i mean, i mean, you know, i mean, i mean, you know, i would have to talk to my neighbors. i don't know that -- i honestly don't know what they feel on this issue. >> i agree with you. and i am on your side on this, but i'm just invitation somebody with a gun. >> the only problem is, we can't put it up. my wife works for the newspaper. >> put it up when the time is right? >> not allowed to have signs. >> no.
1:54 am
>> i don't know about anybody else. >> bill: all right. here now to further explain juliette huddy. who did this? i mean, project veratos james o'keefe. young guy, he did the acorn investigation. did he this little thing with npr where he he set up a person to pretend like they were going to be donating $5 million from a muslim organization to npr and npr accepted. >> bill: is he a conservative guy? >> yeah. i think you probably had him on the show before. >> bill: maybe back. >> is he very smart and clever and does these great videos. what you saw there were the people standing there pretending that they were antigun activists. they were actually members of this project veratos group. this is a whole foe group they created. >> instead of saying we are progun group or we don't like opposition to firearms. they pretend that they were on
1:55 am
their side. >> exactly. they said hey, we have a sign that says this is a gun-free apartment, gun-free home would you put it up. >> none of the people would put it up. the journal news, you have talked about them. star ledger, new jersey, people who have been vocal about being anti--for stronger gun control. torre who is actually a friend of mine so i don't want to be too harsh on him from msnbc. >> bill: he came off the worst because he was stammering and stuttering and all this thing. how does this get out internet driven thing. >> one of the things, internet. youtube type of thing. i know you are not the biggest fan of that type of stuff for the kids. posted videos on youtube. and everybody starts talking about it and you can make your own comment and see what people say. a lot of people did think the video was successful and clever and executed well. did i as well. the problem that i have with it is that a lot of people that i talk to and you see a lot of people commenting on this feel like it kind of made the journal news look like they did a service to the people when they published the gun owners addresses because
1:56 am
nobody is going to want to rob a house with a gun if they know there is a gun in that house. >> bill: new york state took care of them yesterday by passing a law that says you can't do that what the journal did. that was the end of that all right, juliet you have a good time on youtube or whatever you do. in a moment, factor tip of the day. you can buy president bush the younger's truck and he will come with it. he will come live with you. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:57 am
>> time for tip of the day. do you want to buy president bush's truck in a moment. first the mail. mike from new york city, there's no way lance armstrong can reduce seven years years of lies and treachery by apologizing on a talk show. if armstrong does ask, i have to forgive him. jeffrey reed, bowling green, i'm slow why did the u.s. postal service spend taxpayer
1:58 am
money on sponsoring lan armstrong. >> you're not slow you're smart, that move is made because the post office is not well-run, simple as that. bohny from california, president obama is not trying to destroy the republican party. we're doing that to ourselves. sharon in san diego. bill, we don't often disagree with charles krauthammer, you're right and he's wrong. that change will last beyond obama, here comes hillary. and from massachusetts, bill, you portrayed gays in a wrong way. you can't pick a small group of angry protesters at the vatican who wants human rights. of course, i can do that, we cover the news, those protesters interrupted the pope and
1:59 am

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